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2018 New Year's Eve in Rome - Grand Hotel Plaza, Rome

What better way to say hello to the New Year if not in the exclusive setting of a Historic Home, like Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome?

As a place which has always been devoted to welcoming, reuniting and passing over values, Rome's Grand Hotel Plaza is preparing to let its guests in its magnificent halls, where everything spells art, history and search for beauty: from the 19th century furnishings to valuable artifacts like the marble lion by Antonio Canova, which descends along the stairs and is currently the hotel's predominant symbol and decorative motif; from the wide spaces decorated with plastered windows, to the textile coverings of ancient Venetian tradition and the original paintings. Within the Eternal City's Parlor of Excellence, Grand Hotel Plaza's guests will experience the magic of living their Christmas holidays in Rome, in the sacredness of a place made of curious and fascinating stories, unforgettable faces and great passions.

In this suggestive atmosphere, the iconic Salone delle Feste will be the stage for Rome's festive New Year's Eve party, and it will be entrusted to the five-star attentions of a staff ready to meet the needs of even the most attentive guests.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a breathtaking toast to the rhythm of Viennese waltz, eating Christmas cakes while beautiful fireworks fill the night sky, which you'll watch from our Hotel's panoramic terrace, on the fifth floor.

For the 2018 New Year's Eve, Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome also offers a package precisely for those who'd like to enjoy Rome in this exclusive holiday period. A five-star holiday, which will allow our guests to experience the Eternal City, by visiting its most evocative and historically rich locations.

You just have to book Your New Year's Eve with a stay a Rome. We at Grand Hotel Plaza will be happy to guide you, for this entire unforgettable experience.

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